First Day of School: Monday, August 24, 2020

Keeping everyone in prayer during these perilous times.
The first day of school is August 24. Enroll online to reserve your spot! Click on the button on the bottom of the Admissions home page to enroll or re-enroll. Space is limited due to health and distancing restrictions. Stay tuned for updates as we receive them.

Principal Nic Lindquist

Teacher and Staff e-mails:

Avitia, Denise-- Publications

Botrous, Zahger--Math/Science

Clark, Andy--6th Grade

Clark, Myrna--Spanish

Goso, Rhonda--7-12 Music

Jewell, Diana--Registrar

Leigh, Jan--English

Lindquist, Nic--Principal

Lindquist, Petra--TK/Kindergarten

Mayang, Stephanie--2nd Grade

Newby, Brenda--Athletics/History

Peckham, Melissa--5th Grade

Pitrone, Linda--4th Grade

Roysdon, David--Junior High

Saravia, Jennifer--Junior High

Saravia, Joann--Cashier

Segura, Cesar--Financial

Shultz, Robert--Math/Science

Smith, Mickey--Band

Stephens, JoAnn--1st Grade

Twentyman, Malcolm--K-6 Music

Verduzco, Nancy--3rd Grade